Lovingly known as the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is one amazing cultural hub. The town is rich in the golden heritage and traditions of the south. It also has a very rich historical background which is certainly reflected in its architecture and other tourist attractions.

The glorious kingdoms of Nayakas, Marattas and Cholas thrived on the land of Thanjavur and remnants of the time were preserved which we can now spot very easily in the temples, music and everyday life.

The monuments worth visiting include the Anaicut, Breehadeshwara temple, Big Temple, Saraswathi Mahal Library, Serfoji Palace and so on. Moreover, you can enjoy elephant rides, the royal paintings put up in the old palaces and the amazing musical culture of the place. The historical influences of multiple cultures of the past are reflected in almost every corner and space, making it one of the most ideal destinations.

To top it all, the natural beauty of the place is truly spellbinding. It does not take too long to reach Thanjavur by road and it is even better as you would get to see a lot more of the beautiful natural surroundings. Akbracab.com will help you reach the place in a very safe, reliable, cost effective and comfortable car journey. There are many options available on the website that you can explore and choose as per your budget, convenience and other requirements.

Bangalore to Thanjavur Cabs
Bangalore to Thanjavur Cabs

The distance from Bangalore to Thanjavur by road via NH 48 is about 403 km with a traveling duration of 7 hr and 29 min.

  • Thanjavur, also known as Odipu is a city in Karnataka, which is notable for its vegan cuisines and the famous Krishna temple. It is also known as the Parashurama kshetra and is famous for kanakana kindi.
  • The main attractions at Thanjavur include beaches, temples and its lush green scenic spots. The Sri Krishna Temple was established by Madhvacharya, the founder of Dvaita philosophy.
  • The kapu beach is a great place to visit that has a famous lighthouse. Similarly, The Malpe beach near Stella Maris Church offers great views during the sunset.
  • The St. Mary's Island has many rocks around that was created by the volcanic eruptions and the sand is full of sea shells. The beach is clean and beautiful and travelers can enjoy boating in the sea.
  • Manipal is located within Thanjavur city and is famous for the Manipal university that attracts a number of students across the world. It is an important educational and medical center in Karnataka. The Manipal end-point park is a place worth visiting. This point offers you a great view of the sea and the mountains.
  • Udyavar Pithrodi is about 3 km from Thanjavur town and it is an island near the Udyavar beach that offers an amazing view of the island.

Some of the temples to visit in Thanjavur include Anegudde Vinayaka Temple, Chandramoulishwar Temple, Ananteshwar Temple,Sri Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple, Sri Brahmi Durga Parameshwari Temple, Kundeswara Temple, Anantha Padmanabha Temple, and few more.

Bangalore to Thanjavur Cabs
Bangalore to Thanjavur Cabs
Bangalore to Thanjavur Cabs
Bangalore to Thanjavur Cabs

The distance from Bangalore to Thanjavur is about 391.9 kms which can be easily covered in about 9 hours. The routes through NH48 and NH38 are the ideal ones to cover as they help in avoiding too much of traffic thereby saving a lot of time. The roads are smooth and safe to drive on. There are other options as well which you can explore and discuss with Akbarcab and their drivers.

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