Belur is located in Hassan district in Karnataka. Belur is famous for its Chennakesava temple. This temple is known for its workmanship of the Hoysala empire. Halebidu is around 16 km away from Belur. The earlier inscriptions refer to this city as Velapuri.

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Bangalore to Belur Cabs
Bangalore to Belur Cabs
  • There are many attractions in this city that one can visit while in Belur and Chennakesava temple is the main attraction of this city. The temple has a lot of figurines on its walls and is a finest example of Hoysala architecture.
  • King Vishnuvardhana built this temple after he won a war over the Cholas. This temple has complex sculptures and these include horses, lions and elephants, sensuous dancers and episodes from mythology. The temple has pillars made of ornate. This temple also has Darpana Sundari, lady with a mirror that is carved wonderfully inside the complex.
  • The Hoysaleswara temple in Halebidu and this temple in Belur are being considered as world heritage sites by the UNESCO. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Belur. Several crops such as pepper, cardamom, rice, finger millets are grown here. Sugarcane and paddy is the main crop. The Chennakesava temple was completed by King Vishnuvardhana in 1121. It has beautiful art decorations on its outer walls and is standing on a platform and also has figures of dancing girls in several poses.
  • People of Belur speak several local languages that show Karnataka‚Äôs different cultures. The nearest international airport near Belur is Mangalore. However, you can also travel to Belur from Bangalore and there are so many cab services like the AKBAR cabs.
  • The official language of the state is Kannada, but the local people also speak in English. Hence, it is easy for anyone travelling to this place to communicate with the people there. If anyone wishes to travel by rail, then HASSAN is the nearest railway station, though cabs are more popularly used by tourists. It is five-hour journey from Bangalore to Belur.

Once you reach the Belur, you will find lots of travel guides who are approved by the Government and they can be easily hired to show around and within the temple complex.

Delicious food is available in this city during your stay. Hence, it is worth taking a cab from Bangalore and visiting this historical city as one of your tourist destinations.

Bangalore to Belur Cabs
Bangalore to Belur Cabs
Bangalore to Belur Cabs
Bangalore to Belur Cabs

The distance from Bangalore to Belur by road is around 221 km. the fastest way to reach Belur is by hiring a taxi and you will reach within four and a half hours.

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