The small and serene village of Lepakshi is one of the most interesting attractions of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Located in the green Anantapur district, Lepakshi is a rich heritage site as well as an extremely important spot from the traditional and religious point of view. The village is revered in south Indian cultures and people of Andhra associate it with the Hindu deities of Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra.

There is not scarcity of shrines and temples in the region and the many natural spots and hillocks are further beautified by the amazing architectural marvels that have been standing erect for multiple years. Apart from the religious sites, there are places that are held in high regard by historians, researchers and archaeologists alike due to the stories, legends and actual happenings related to those places.

Lepakshi is not too far from the capital city Bangalore. In fact it is a very good idea to take a road trip crossing the borders of Karnataka and entering Andhra to explore not just the beautiful and well known attractions but to also take pleasure in admiring the natural beauty of the routes that connect the two states. You can get extremely comfortable and budget friendly rides at Bookings are instant, convenient and highly reliable.

Bangalore to Lepakshi Cabs
Bangalore to Lepakshi Cabs
  • Lepakshi has a lot of places that you must see. The most famous temples such as Veerabhadra, Durga, Papanatheswara, Raghunatha and Srirama are just the beginning of the excellent tourist attractions in Lepakshi.
  • There is a hillock shaped like a tortoise which is a fascinating gift of nature, an artwork in itself and is much admired by all those who see it, it is known as Kurma Saila in the local language.
  • Then there is the huge Nandi Bull carved out of granite, which very much reminds you of the great Sphynx of Egypt. The Nandi Bull has a lot of religious significance in the region and the statue reflects true craftsmanship and skills.
  • One of the temples has a large serpent, beautiful jewelled statues and monolithic sculptures that inspire awe in the onlookers.
  • Several famous constructions include the hanging pillar, Padmini race lady, Durga Paadam, Vastu Purush, the eyes of Viroopaakshanna and many more.
  • You can also admire and buy the traditional Lepakshi sari designs and carry them with you as pleasant souvenirs of the rich trip that you take around the village.
Bangalore to Lepakshi Cabs
Bangalore to Lepakshi Cabs
Bangalore to Lepakshi Cabs
Bangalore to Lepakshi Cabs

The distance between Bangalore and Lepakshi is merely 122.7km which means that if you start driving a car or go for a cab rental, you can easily reach the village in a span of less than 3 hours! The eye-catching and peaceful roadside attractions would certainly keep you interested as you enjoy the ride and turn it into one of the most memorable and happy road trips with

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