Chitradurga was earlier called as Chitradurg, Chittaldurg or Chitrakaladurga. This place has rocky hills and beautiful valleys. Hence it is known as the ‘Stone Fortress.’ Chitradurga is situated in a hilly region and many of its hilly areas have wind mills which we can see when we are entering this city. The most widely spoken language in this place is Kannada. Chitradurga has lots of hills, villages and forts. This place has a beautiful landscape which resembles a naughty giant’s playground because of its huge boulders thrown all around the hilly region.

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Bangalore to Chitradurga Cabs
Bangalore to Chitradurga Cabs

There are many places to see in and around Chitradurga. Some of these are the Chitradurga Fort, Jama Masjid, Ashoka Siddapura, Brahmagiri village, Chandravalli, Hiriyur, Molakalmuru, Neerthadi, Vani Vilas Sagar, Thamatekallu, Holalkere, Doddahottrangappa Hill and Halu Rameshwara.

The Chitradurga Fort is built on Giridurga, the rocky hills situated only one km away from the centre of the city. This famous fort is also called as Yelu Suthina Kote and it is fortified by 7 walls that are circular. Vani Vilas Sagar dam is supposed to be one of the oldest dams of Karnataka that is built on the Vedavathi river.

Chandravalli is an archeological site that is situated around two km from the main city. Hiriyur is located around 40 km from the main city. This is an artificial lake built across Vedavathi River by the Maharaja of Mysore.

Ankali Mutt is a rocky hilocklocated on the western side of the city. At the entrance of the Panchalinga cave which is known as the Wonder cave there is an inscription dating back to 1286 A.D. the

Nayakanahatti temple is a famous religious centre where every year a yatra is held in the Phalgun month. Tourists can see beautiful Shiva lingas that are housed in Dasaratha Rameshwara, Ankali Mutt and the Adumalleshwara temple. Sirigere is a small village situated in the northwestern part of this city. This village is famous for its silk weaving industry and for the Veershaiva Mutt.

Chitradurga has pleasant weather and so one can visit it any time of the year. The best time to visit this place is during the months of October to March.

Bangalore to Chitradurga Cabs
Bangalore to Chitradurga Cabs
Bangalore to Chitradurga Cabs
Bangalore to Chitradurga Cabs

The distance from Bangalore to Chitradurga by road is 202 km. The fastest way to reach Chitradurga from Bangalore is by road which takes approximately around three hours by cab. You have to take the NH4 route by cab to reach Chitradurga.

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