Derived from the Tamil words 'aaru konnam' meaning 'six angles' or hexagon, the Arakkonam city is in fact surrounded by six important places on its six side and they are namely Kanchipuram, Thakkolam, Manavur, Thiruvalangadu, Tiruttani, and Sholinghur.

Being the hottest town in India, the temperature in Arakkonam can exceed to its peak for several days during summer. The other significance of this town is that it houses the oldest railway junction in India, connecting the major cities across the length and breadth of the country.

This town is a relic of British era as it houses several official buildings built during the British Raj. Known for its excellent urban infrastructure, Arakkonam has a prominent place in the Indian railways. This town has the biggest workshop for Southern Railway popularly known as the Engineering Workshop (EWS) and the Electric Loco Shed.

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Bangalore to Arakkonam Cabs
Bangalore to Arakkonam Cabs

Tamil Nadu is known for its cultural heritages and several temples that are known for its architectural styles. Arakkonam has a number of temples within and the town and its proximity, which makes for major tourist attractions in this area.

  • Among the few temples are Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple, Sri Veerabrammangar Temple, and Sri Balasundara Pillayar Temple.
  • The Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple is situated between the street bazaar of Arakkonam and is about 1 km away from the railway station and bus stand. The main deities of this temple are Lord Shiva, Durgai, and Navagrahas.
  • Sri Veerabrammangar temple is spread over more than half an acre of land and is located on the Tirutanni road of Arakonnam and the temple enshrines the idols of Sri Veerabrammangar along with his wife.
  • The Balasundara Pillayar temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha and all the Puja rituals at this temple are performed by the Vishwakarma community members.
Bangalore to Arakkonam Cabs
Bangalore to Arakkonam Cabs
Bangalore to Arakkonam Cabs
Bangalore to Arakkonam Cabs

The distance from Bangalore to Arakkonam Is about 287 km and it takes around 4hr and 28 min to reach the destination and it is best to take the direct Bangalore to Arakkonam route via Yelagiri .

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